Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mary J. Blige Sets Record on HSN

Last Saturday Mary J. Blige made history on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).  Blige launched her new fragrance, My Life, on HSN selling more than 72, 000 units in 24 hours.  She shattered the record with sales of $3 million in one day.  The fragrance was launched exclusively on TV and is marketed by Carol's Daughter; a beauty company that Blige has been in support of and collaborated with.  

Blige admitted to being surprised at how quickly sales racked up in such a short time span.  Not only did this new fragrance break record sales but, it also brought a new audience to HSN.  Blige's music career spans nearly 20 years and her fans are sure to be some of those new customers to HSN.  Many callers expressed their love and connection with Blige through her music over the years. 

Blige said, “It feels so great, because they have all grown with me — my ups and my downs,” said Blige. “They’ll go through it with me if I have to go through it again, because they know we all have work to do and a long way to go, even though we’ve made progress.”

This proves that HSN is a legitimate place to launch a product and do it successfully.  Apparently the demand for Blige's fragrance was so high the servers at HSN crashed limiting access to the website. 
Proceeds from the sales of, My Life, will benefit the Foundation of Advancement of Women Now.  A dollar from each unit sold will be donated to help send women to college.  This foundation was started by Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute as a way to help women and girls develop skills and pursue personal goals that will help them become independent and self-sufficient women.

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