Friday, September 17, 2010

Elle Magazine cover sparks controversy

Has anyone seen this?  I have to admit this is something that happened in some of my photos when I was modelling.  It seems that it has always been an issue for people of colour.  Whether in the Black community, Indian, Filipino or even Asian.  It always seems that the topic of lighter skin being preferred always comes up.  So when major magazines like Elle, obviously use the power of Photoshop to lighten a picture of an actress we all know is a dark chocolate young begs the it really bad to be dark?

As a dark skinned woman myself this is a question that is very real and very valid.  I embrace who I am but, I do know that it comes with years of struggle and having heard statements like 'you're pretty for a dark girl' it makes you wonder.

What are your thoughts on this new October cover of Gabourey Sibide?

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