Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culture: Lebanese Designer Abed Mahfouz

Abed Mahfouz fall 2010
Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture

Abed Mahfouz NY Fashion Week Fall 2010
Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz finds that despite the rough economy in the United States, his sales have remained high thanks to the wealthy Arab clients who are interested in haute couture.  In fact Lebanese designers are well known for their gowns, haute couture and elaborate creations rather than ready-to-wear.

Mahfouz was raised in a family where most worked in the tailoring business.  It's only natural that he too became a tailor.  He went from opening his own shop to launching an internationally successful line of wedding dresses called "AL-Halimah".  Mahfouz regularly shows his collections in Rome and recently launched his ready-to-wear at New York Fashion Week.