Friday, July 15, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker exits Halston

Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly been paid $3 million to end her contract with Halston.  Just last year the iconic New York label was relaunched with actress Sarah Jessica Parker as it's President and Chief Creative Officer.  Once dubbed 'the premier fashion designer of America', Roy Halston Frowick created his famous label Halston during a time when the discos of New York were filled with celebrities who became clients including Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Hutton and Bianca Jagger.  The brand's popularity peaked during the 1970's and early 1980's.  Since then it has had its share of struggles.  The fledgling label has been taken over a number of times since Frowick's death in 1990.  Most recently it was co-owned by movie and television mogul Harvey Weinstien who has also departed from the company this week along with Parker.

The hope was that in bringing Sarah Jessica Parker on board her high profile image as a style icon would steer the brand to the level it was at during it's heyday.  Unfortunately her identity as a clothes horse and style influencer wasn't enough to save the brand.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage as seen in movie Sex & The City 2
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Halston Heritage unfortunately didn't keep the momentum it appeared to have after Parker was spotted wearing that famous white dress in the movie Sex & The City 2.  Although the designs she collaborated on were very true to Halston's creativity and exuded the sex appeal the brand is known for, it still struggled to make the sales needed.

This video above shows the excitement that was there when Parker was launching the line and promoting her joining the Halston Heritage team.  It seemed the perfect union but, as with any marriage with a honeymoon faze, this has quickly come to an end.

Halston Spring/Summer 2011 Collection
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It's not the first time Parker has been involved with designing apparel that has been a flop. In 2007 she designed a low-priced label, Bitten, distributed in the now defunct stores, Steve & Barry's. Unfortunately the label was not picked up by another retailer and was discontinued upon the bankruptcy of the retail chain.

Now that Parker has had two failed attempts at design under her belt, what's next?  Will she jump into the world of fashion once again?  Perhaps she may stick with the success of her fragrances.  Who knows.  Whatever she does, being a style icon certainly hasn't changed.  She still sets trends with whatever she is spotted wearing.

See the video below when Parker debuted her collection Bitten with Steve & Barry's.

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