Monday, November 26, 2012

Cruising into Spring in the Winter

Fashion lovers know that designers and retailers are always ahead of the game when it comes to style.  It's the middle of winter but designers have already shown us what's coming for spring 2013.  And if you visit retailers you'll see a sneak peek of spring in the form of what the industry often refers to as 'Cruise' wear.

In the past these were clothes targeted at people travelling to warmer, sunny destinations on vacation or cruises.  The elite would update their wardrobes with new fashions just for their travels.  But these days, it's also an opportunity for you to be one step ahead in fashion by mixing a little spring into your winter wardrobe.

Fashion insiders know that it's fun to be ahead of the game my adding a dash of the upcoming season into your wardrobe.  Adding a little spring is easy because it can be in the form of layering or just a dash of color.  Your winter coat will keep the cold at bay and you can show off your diggs when you arrive at your destination.

Chanel's cruise collection was upbeat, youth-inspired with hints of classic Chanel tailoring.

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