Monday, December 22, 2008

Keeping Your Style in the Depth of Snow

A blast of winter has arrived across North America. Canada may have it's first white Christmas from coast to coast in 37 years. Vancouver, known for its mild winters, has been blanketed with enough snow to close schools, cancel events and stop traffic. Alberta and Saskatchewan are suffering from sub-zero temperatures. Even Las Vegas was caught in the unexpected storm.

When you love fashion, how do you keep style choices without compromising staying warm? It's often a challenge but somehow, there are people who manage to look like they stepped off a runway but still keep the heat.

Here are some style tips:

1. Pick a boot that complements your style and keeps your feet warm and dry. Some brands to look at include Uggs, Sorel, Saloman and Columbia. Websites like , and are great places to find boots.

2. Accessorize with a hat, scarf and gloves. These are key pieces that can update your look while keeping you shielded from sub zero temperatures.

3. Buy two winter coats. For those who can make the splurge, owning at least two winter coats is your best bet to keeping your style options open. Make an investment in one that's warm and will keep you protected even in the most severe conditions. Have fun with the second coat. This one can be more stylish, as those are often less warm by design.

4. Stay inside! If you can, don't leave home when the weather is unbearable.


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