Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wonder Woman and M.A.C Cosmetics

  Superheros have long been a big part of our culture especially in North America.  Superman and Batman may be two of the most famous 'heroes' of our time but, when I was a little girl I adored Wonder Woman.  I thought it was so amazing how she could get anyone to tell the truth with her 'Magic Lasso'.  The way she could fight bullets with her bracelets was just so awesome.  Just to see a woman take down the bad guys was a thrill for me.
  Over the years her image has been tweaked to adapt with the times and now DC Comics recently joined forces with beauty powerhouse MAC Cosmetics to create a limited edition collection of makeup inspired by the famous superhero.  The line of makeup will be available in stores for Spring 2011 in MAC locations around the world.  Although yet to be revealed, the limited edition line will include eye shadows, blush, lipsticks and nail polish.

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