Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Buy Tall Boots

Buying tall shaft boots can be quite the challenge for many women.  Long legs, short legs, thick legs or skinny legs; there seems to always be something to think about.

How do you pick the right boots?  Here's how.

Buckle Boot helps with adjusting calf width

If you have a WIDE calf:

  • Search for boots that will allow for comfort and stretch.  Details like buckles that loosen, elastic gores and stretch materials help with proper fit. 
  • Another option if finding lace up boots then you can adjust the tightness however you like.  
  • Pull-on boots are your worst nightmare when you have wide calves or a bigger foot because they usually won't pull up or stretch enough for the fit.
  • Something else to look for are brands that actually make the style with a wider calf.  Zappos carries many styles on their website.
  • If all else fails you can go to a shoe repair store or shoe-maker to have the calf widened.  This is done with elastic inserts or extra materials.

Lace Up Boots are good for custom fit on calf
Elastic Gore help for fit on wide calf

 If you have SKINNY calves that's a whole other ball game.  Women whose legs are very thin have a hard time getting boots to stay up or worse you look like a little girl wearing mom's boots.

 IF you have Skinny Calves:
  • It's all about 'trial and error'. You'll need to find the brand that fits you and stick with it. 
  • Pull-on elastic boots are usually a perfect fit.  Women with large calves can never get into these and skinny legs usually look great in them.  
  • Check out the website  They have a large selection of boots designed for narrow calves.
  • Find a good shoe repair shop who can take in the boots when needed. I have done this before.

 If you have LONG legs:

Lucky for you almost every boot works for you.  You don't have to worry about your legs being overwhelmed with the length of the boot.  Pick styles that show off your leg.  Over the knee boots work for longer legs too.

If you have SHORT legs:
  • Over the knee boots can swallow up your legs and make you look even shorter
  • Avoid boots that hit you in the middle of your calf because it chops the leg and can make you look even shorter. 
  • If your calf is wide it will also make it look wider if it stops mid-calf.
  • Did you know you could have the top of your boot shortened if you take it to a shoe repair shop?  Just like getting your jeans hemmed you can get your boots taken down to fit.
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