Friday, December 31, 2010

Bundle Up For New Year's Eve

  New Year's Eve is a night of celebrating the new.  Another year is behind us and we look forward to new beginnings.  Most major cities celebrate with and outdoor event with concerts, celebrities and local talent.  Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Sydney, London but the most famous outdoor party is in Times Square, New York.  But, a great party can be spoiled with the cold winter weather.  When you'll be outdoors for several hours, you will need to dress for the winter chill.  This is one night you may have to sacrifice style for function.
  Make sure to layer your clothing.  The more layers you wear, the more comfortable you will be outside.  Keep a scarf wrapped around your neck to keep cold drafts out.  Don't forget about your ears too.  They can get frostbitten if you don't keep them covered in the sub zero temps.

Warm hands will mean a warm heart.  Keep your fingers from frostbite by wearing mittens.  They keep your fingers warmer.  But if you opt for gloves make sure they are wool or lined with materials designed to insulate for added warmth.

No matter what city you are in, this time of year temperatures are sure to be colder than normal.   

Stay warm and Happy New Year!

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