Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Caius Olowu and Tears of Bleu

Ivy Prosper and Caius Olowu backstage at BC Fashion Week

I had the pleasure of meeting Caius Olowu during B.C. Fashion Week for spring 2007 collections in Vancouver. His designs were one of the highlights of the week. Already having success in the industry his women's wear had already been available in the U.K, Paris and parts of the U.S and Tokyo. He now creates a premium denim collection 020608 Tears of Bleu.
Caius Olowu is one of the most talented designers in the fashion industry. With over 15 years in the business it’s hard to believe his background was as a Civil Engineer. His touch can be seen in many of the world’s best known labels including True Religion Jeans in both the USA and Japan, New Balance (Japan) and Levi’s (Europe). After a successful career in the UK, his relocation to Tokyo led him to become the head designer of Diamond Geezer for Island Co. Ltd. As the denim market became more lucrative, he saw a niche that needed to be filled.
Caius Olowu,Women's collection

Olowu decided to create a product line that he felt was true to his beliefs and created denim as a lifestyle brand. Olowu says that denim lovers are looking for good fit, styling and comfort. He is a very talented tailor and translates his skill into how he designs his premium denim line. Because of his craft he is able to produce a collection that is not only good design but, excellent tailoring. There’s nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans. Olowu believes he is bringing something new to the Premium Denim market through his label 020608 Tears of Bleu.

The 020608 Tears of Blue Core line is created in Japan for both men and women. The Black Line is created in the USA had has more of an American appeal with its rugged, classic denim edge.

Olowu’s work has been seen in fashion magazines including Elle, Vogue and Harper’s & Queen. The Caius Olowu women’s collection showed his strong ability to create to fit a woman’s body giving her a fashion forward appeal with an edge. The collection was sold in the UK, Paris, USA and Tokyo. It’s appeal led to his showing at BC Fashion Week in Vancouver B.C. where I had the pleasure of meeting him and having a chat. Check out the interview below:

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