Friday, January 7, 2011

Brooklyn Circus

“My dream is to see guys hanging on the corner in suits.”
~~Ouigi Theodore

Ouigi Theodore (pronounced Wee-Gee, like the board) is the creator of the clothing line Brooklyn Circus.  Launched in 2006, his goal was to lift up the image of the style of urban culture.  His dream is to show that urban culture is more than just baggy jeans and sneakers.  He brings together a mix of the old with the new in his fashion boutique.  You'll find everything from hip hop inspired gear to vintage trousers and caps.
The 'bearded man' has garnered a following not only in Brooklyn but beyond as far as Japan.  His shop has become the go-to spot for jeans, shirts, shoes and everything in between.
He has the ability to spot the latest trends and cultivate a unique style.  He knows what's on the cutting edge of fashion.

Check this link with a feature story in the New York Times this week:
New York Times Feature Story. Click Here.

Store locations: Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago and Stockholm.

Brooklyn Circus Shop

Project Trade Show - Day 1 from The Brooklyn Circus on Vimeo.

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