Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?

Recently featured on the Dr. Oz show, 'Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm' is a book packed full of information to help you make better buying decisions on cosmetics and hair care.  From the creators of you will want to pick this book up before your next shopping excursion.  The lead writer of this book is Perry Romanowski, who has been researching and developing products in the skin and hair care industry for 18 years.

The Beauty Brains are a group of cosmetic scientists who have come together to share their knowledge of how the chemicals used in your cosmetics actually behave.

Time and time again, cosmetic companies are selling consumers new products that promise to do things like reduce wrinkles, decrease cellulite, brighten skin, and repair damaged hair.

Can these products really deliver what they promise?  Or are we being fooled into buying into the hype?  Well this book can answer many of your questions and bust some well known myths in the beauty industry.

  I just read this book and would recommend it to any woman who is addicted to beauty products.  I would say most of us are.  I admit that I have been addicted to searching out new hair products throughout my life.  Always seeking to find something that will deliver that magical result.  I was surprised to learn which two common ingredients actually penetrate the hair.  Even if you don't use cosmetics, this book can still serve you with useful information.

It not only gives details about cosmetics but also breaks down information on everyday items like body lotion, deodorants, treating Rosacea, the difference between skin allergies and skin irritants and so much more.

Written in a simple question and answer format, it gives the reader the ability to easily understand everything.  Simple questions like, "Can you care for acne with saliva?" or "Can skin creams cause cancer?" will keep you engaged and want to read more.  It challenges you to read the labels and know the science behind the ingredients in what you are buying.

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J.Ann's Beauty Boutique said...

this book sounds awesome, hope i get a chance to read it!

Mountain Dandy said...

I think I'm hooked on Jack Black lip balm. I have twenty tubes all over the place. Is that bad?

Ivy Prosper said...

Mountain Dandy, I've never tried Jack Black lip balm. Must be real good.