Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Longer Lengths for Spring

This season in fashion, long fluid skirts and dresses are the big hit.  Skirts are to the knee, below the knee all the way down to the ankle.  This trend is one that also brings volume into the silhouettes.  It's important to take that into consideration when purchasing this trend.  If you are petite it can overwhelm the body so avoid too much volume.  Keep tops fitted close to the body when wearing a fuller skirt too.

Photo: Fashion Latest Trends

The mid-calf skirt is also a trend to be careful of.  If you're petite I suggest avoiding it entirely.  It cuts the leg in an awkward place and can make you look even shorter.  Leave this one for taller ladies.  Overall the beauty of this style is it's very easy to transition from winter to spring.  It's still chilly outside but you can wear this long skirt with layers up top to keep cozy.  Once the weather warms up, you can still keep the long fluid skirt but pair it with a tee, tank or light blouse.

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