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Teka the Mobile Beauty Maven

Teka Neufville
  Teka Neufville has been gifted with making hands beautiful since she was a teenager. It’s not surprising she ended up in the beauty industry with a mom who was a model. “My mom taught me the importance of a woman always looking and feeling her best. I learned from an early age that it was important to take care of myself.” Teka said. Not only did she take an early interest in following her mom’s advice but she also developed a passion for doing nails at an early age. She practiced her skills with friends and family. She quickly realized she not only enjoyed it but, she was actually very good. Neufville enrolled in a training program where she mastered the art and soon was earning a commission. By the time she was 18 she was certified to do manicures professionally.

  It is arguable that Neufville is perhaps one of the best at doing nails in Toronto. Not only is she a perfectionist but she actually cares about her customers. I first experienced her work five years ago at a women’s event where she was doing manicures on the spot. She was sincere and truly enjoyed giving every woman a unique experience. Today you’ll find her at Jeanet Spa & Salon, located in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto.  Under the guidance of salon owner, Jeanet Allinson, she's perfected her craft and learned so much every day.

  The instant you sit down with Neufville, she makes you feel at home; but, wait, you probably are at home. She not only works in the salon but also provides a mobile service where she will come to you. Being in such high demand and with her desire to meet every client’s need, she has found that providing this service keeps her ahead of the competition. It allows her the freedom of seeing many clients throughout the city. Because of her mobility, it has opened up opportunities to work on film and television productions too. She’s worked on various projects including the film Assault on Precinct 13 doing manicures for actors Laurence Fishburne and Maria Bello. She also worked on the hands of Drea de Matteo best known for her role on the television series, The Sopranos.

Teka gives me a manicure

  Having been in the nail business for over 15 years, Neufville acknowledges how much competition is out there. These days it seems there are nail salons popping up on every corner offering services for next to nothing. As a customer it’s a challenge to know who’s good and who isn’t. Don’t be fooled by pricing cuts between competitors. As Neufville pointed out you should question what you’re getting for your money. “I’m not saying that lower prices mean they are not good but, I encourage people to do their research on the services. Always ask questions.” Neufville stressed, “Know what to look for. Are the tools cleaned? Are the jets in the basins for pedicures disinfected after each client? What cleaners are they using? At the end of the day it’s your health, your nails and your money. The salon staff should not give you attitude because you want to know more.”

  It’s obvious that she cares about her clients and her desire for them to know more is very important. “Visit my website and you’ll find more information about what can happen with salons that don’t care; Nail damage, fungus and much more.” She went on to say, “I admit it’s a challenge to convert customers who are price sensitive. My services are top quality and my rates reflect what you get; top quality service and top quality products.” One thing she pointed out was sometimes customers really don’t know what they are getting. For example a salon advertising a set of Gel Nails may actually be giving you Acrylic nails with a gel top coat. Remember to research services and products before making your decision.  She also mentioned a story that CTV featured on the dangers of some nail salons.  It's important for consumers to be aware that some products are actually banned and that Health Canada doesn't test the safety of some ingredients used in nail products. (Click here to view)

  It’s always important to stay ahead of the game in any business and she knows that. “I learned through working at Jeanet Salon & Spa that you’re only as good as your last set.” she said, “Because of that I’m constantly building my client base and always learning new and innovative ways to improve my service. It can be challenging building a business especially since the nail industry is all about word of mouth. Over the last few months Neufville has embraced the benefits of social networking tools to promote her services which also now include eyelash extensions. “I always liked doing artificial lashes. Full lashes, half lashes, doubling up, whatever you like.” she smiled.

  Jeanet Allinson, owner of Jeanet Salon & SpaNeufville works with Misencil one of the best quality products for lash extensions. The lashes are designed to stay on as long as the duration of your lash growth. This is usually about three to four weeks. As your lash grows out, the artificial one falls out with it. “It’s amazing because you actually realize how fast your lashes actually grow when you have the extensions on.” She told me.

  When asked how to care for the lashes Neufville advised, “You must avoid waterproof mascara at all costs. Also limit use of heavy oils on the eyes. Make sure to purchase products specifically designed for the extensions because they will not break down the glue used to attach the hairs.”

  To experience the care Teka Neufville puts into her work you can contact her directly through her website to book a service. She will come to you wherever you are and give you an amazing experience. Clients can always catch her at Jeanet Salon & Spa if you’d rather not have a service at home. She admitted that one thing she’s learned in her career is to set aside ego and truly appreciate the value of her customers. “I feel privileged for clients to want to come and see me to have a service done. Without them I couldn't do what I do.”

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