Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring Trend: Bright Lips

With the sun shining, we all can't wait to bring out a pop of color in everything from our shoes, handbags to lipstick.  For spring/summer 2011 shades of tangerine, pink peony, siren reds and corals are at every cosmetic counter.  All the major brands have juicy colors to satisfy your craving for a candy coated shade.

Always make sure to consider your skin tone when choosing a shade of lipstick.  Darker skin tones can get away with selecting bright shades of red while olive toned and bronzed skin look great wearing shades of orange, tangerine and coral.  For the pale ladies you can do shades of pink and fuchsia. Stay with shades that have a cool undertone for your complexion.

When you shop at stores like MAC or Sephora, get help from the experts on staff who can even get you testers to make sure you have the right shade.  All in all, it's summer and time to have a little fun with your makeup!

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