Monday, February 6, 2012

Versace Couture

Atelier Versace Couture Spring 2012

It's been since 2004 that the House of Versace has shown a couture collection.  This collection had a mix of glamorous pieces along with others that looked 'cheap' for an Atelier collection.  Considering Donatella has been making headlines for her H&M collaboration, it would have been best for this collection to set itself apart from the 'fast fashion' look.  But there were items that really showed the construction fit for couture.

There were some pieces with silhouettes that were reminiscent of Thierry Mugler; emphasis on the hips, bust and strong lines with architectural feel.  The use of bold colors like orange and yellow stayed true to this season's trends.  While shades of grey allowed for the focus to be on the details in the gown rather than overpowered by color.

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