Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Summer Items To Wear in The Fall

There are key pieces you can still wear into next season, including this peplum top and full skirt. 
Summer is quickly winding down. So it's transition time. You may have some summer items you can still wear into the fall season. No need to let go of your summer trends just yet. Here are my picks for the top pieces you can transition into the fall season.


Wearing a custom made Peplum top with pencil skirt.  I had it custom made in
Accra, Ghana.  Here I am at the 3rd Annual AfroChic Cultural Exhibit.  I was the
Host of the event, which was held in Toronto, Canada.

The Peplum is one of this year's biggest trends for women.  It's the item that highlights the curves of a woman.

Don't be afraid to wear a peplum.  Some women shy away from it because they fear it will make them look too big but in fact it's about choosing the right peplum.  There are various shapes and sizes of this trend you can choose based on your figure.

But if you really don't like your hips then it's best to stay away from this trend because it does draw attention to this womanly part of your body.

I love how it makes me feel sexy and feminine.

This trend is one that you can work into your fall wardrobe with ease.  With this two piece I wore as the Host of an event this summer, I will likely split them and wear the top with a pair of black pants for the fall.  The other option is wearing the pencil skirt with a white tailored blouse and black or brown blazer for an office look.  That way I stay on trend and keep the pop of color while toning it down with a darker shade.


Bright color has been everywhere this summer.  Keep wearing it into the fall by toning it down with neutrals.  In this picture you see the model wears the bright skirt with white and a sand cardigan.  In the summer you might have worn it without the cardigan or with a white blazer instead of the sand color.  Adding the orange shoe keeps it on trend too while still welcoming the fall season.

Bright trousers were also a big hit this summer that you can wear into the fall.  Instead of wearing all brights from head to toe, again tone it down with a softer color on top or stick to neutrals like black, charcoal or brown.


Carolina Herrera spring 2012.

Color blocking, art-deco and graphic patterns are must have items you can wear now and later.  The simplest classic is a black and white combo like the one by Carolina Herrera pictured here.  The nice thing
about this is the way the lines help define the curve in your body.  The small color accent is done using a skinny belt or you can do this with your accessories and shoes.

But don't limit yourself to black and white.  There were so many graphic prints this season with color that would work well into the fall season.  Basic things like wearing a solid cardigan or cropped jacket will make the trend work for fall.


The bohemian trend moves from summer to fall with wide brimmed hats, mustard shades, olive greens and of course black and charcoal.  The trend was popular for summer in many colors and patterns.  For fall different colors bring the trend into the new season.

But if you own a summer dress you can still wear it in the fall by adding layers; cardigans, cropped jackets or sheer pieces worn over will help you go from summer to fall with ease.

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