Monday, September 17, 2012

Madonna's Brother Launches Shoe Line


Christopher Ciccone (Photo:

When your big sister is a worldwide superstar, it's hard to step out of her shadow.  Christopher Ciccone, younger brother of Madonna, is showing the fashion world his sister isn't the only one with creative talent.  The artist/interior designer just launched his first shoe collection at London Fashion Week.    

Being the brother of a music and fashion icon can be something of a challenge to create product that would been seen as innovative and to garner the respect of the design community.  The collection includes rubber boots, brogues, sneakers, sandals and his version of riding boots.  Most of the styles use rubber, leather and canvas to create pieces that have his artistic stamp on it.  Ciccone's designs were inspired by Mondrain, Delacroix and Georgia O'Keeffe.  He says that doing shoes isn't like his artwork because with this anyone can have a pair.  But with art it's limited to one buyer.  

He told, "The difficult task was to bring something new to the market and give (the shoes) an uplift and make them a bit more interesting to wear as fashion as opposed to something that just keeps your feet dry."

He chose to debut the collection in London because he says that he's always had a connection to the city.  "I think the footwear connects to the city itself from the design point of view and from a functional point of view."  The shoes, with their rubber soles are definitely suited to wet weather conditions London is best known for.

The Ciccone Collection

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