Friday, January 4, 2013

Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Clothing for Children

Miguel Caballero in his manufacturing plant discussing his clothing line.
Miguel Caballero is the CEO of his Colombian based fashion company that produces stylish bulletproof clothing.  For over 20 years Miguel Caballero Ltd. has built a clientele that includes politicians, notable public figures and others whose lives are at risk or in danger because of their high profile or controversial lifestyles.  Nobody would have ever expected his company to branch out into children's merchandise.  But the recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has sparked interest in a need to make bulletproof products for a younger market.  Sky News reported Caballero as saying, "We started getting emails from customers asking for protected clothing because they were afraid to take their kids to school....The product was created with the American market in mind...."

It was world news when twenty school children and six staff members were killed by Adam Lanza, who then killed himself at the school.  Caballero, told the press, "We started the collection 15 days ago.  Today we had the first order of 24 vests from the U.S."  Miguel Caballero Ltd. isn't the only company getting in this business.  The Associated Press reported that is a Texas-based company that has already sold 15 bulletproof backpacks the week after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

Bulletproof vests for children. 

Children's products as displayed on the website.
The new product line is already available on the website for sale and shows normal looking children dressed in the attire.  The collection includes t-shirts, vests and bags.  There are some who think it's a good idea because children shouldn't be afraid to attend school.  Especially when gun advocates feel teachers and staff should be allowed to carry guns to school for safety.  The hope is that these vests can help the children let go of fears that someone may go crazy at school and shoot them.

But Dr. Monica Alvaraz, who is a family and child pediatric psychologist says, "It seems like they're exploiting a delicate subject.  Obviously we have an international free market and they see an opportunity to jump on it."  She also feels that wearing the bulletproof attire is actually psychologically damaging for the kids.

Whatever your views, the clothing is now available and already sales are being made.  Expect to pay a hefty price though.  The adult clothing runs in the thousands of dollars so the children's merchandise will likely be just as costly.
Miguel Caballero personally testing his new children's line of bulletproof clothing. (Courtesy Miguel Caballero)
Testing of product to ensure it meets the company's standards.

Bulletproof Backpacks.

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