Thursday, December 19, 2013

STYLE | Decorate Your Body This Holiday

Franci Jewelry.  (
The holiday season is upon us and many are scrambling to find that perfect outfit or the jewelry to complement.  This is a time when we can take advantage of the opportunity to be more dramatic and make a statement.  What better way to do that then by choosing body jewelry.  The work of designer Nicole Morris, of Franci Jewelry is sure to get you noticed  no matter where you are.

Each item is made by hand and combines stones, pearls and other metals to create unique pieces with a blend of vintage flair and an air of sophistication.  Accentuating the natural beauty of a woman's face, neck and body.  Franci Jewelry is a work of art that will never go unnoticed.  The headpieces adorn a woman as if she is an ancient princess to be admired by an entire kingdom.  The body jewelry is truly a work of art draping each curve creating the image of a masterpiece.

The collection includes items for the body, head, ankles, wrists and skirts too.  Keep what you're wearing simple when selecting one of these pieces of jewelry.  What you wear should be understated so that the jewelry can speak for itself.
Model Grace Modi on the runway at Buffalo Fashion Week.

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