Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fong Crowned Winner of Project Runway Canada

I'm not really a big fan of reality programming but, I must admit that I do have an addiction to Project Runway. Both the American version with host Heidi Klum and the Canadian version with host Iman.

This season, Canada's young designers didn't disappoint. With all the drama, stress and creative clashing, it was worth seeing season 2 winner, Sunny Fong, come up on top in the end. Throughout the series he was obviously the one front-runner. He showed each week how talented he is as a designer, creative person, and innovator. Her understands what it means to stay true to your craft and follow your creative intuition.

But of course there was so much talent on the show. Each week I was reminded of my days at Ryerson University, when I too studied Fashion Design and had some of those all night sessions in the lab sewing, draping and pattern-drafting.

Throughout the series Jennifer Biffi and Sunny Fong were battling it out for first place. But with a luck of the draw Jason Meyers made a comeback after a surprise return on the show. His final collection wasn't as strong as Biffi's and Fong's but, Meyers collection did stay true to his personal development as a designer through the season.

In my opinion, Biffi's collection was the most modern and fashion forward. She said her collection was a fusion of hip-hop and old 1930's Hollywood glamour; Biffi's collection was the most edgy and relate-able to a younger trendy audience.

Fong proved that he is the couturier of the group. His inspiration was 'Alexander the Great' and he delivered. The collection was well tailored, cohesive and unique. He proved once again that he is a brilliant designer and after winning this competition, his career is just beginning.

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