Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What are Jeggings?

For the last few seasons in fashion, leggings have become a staple in many wardrobes.  It's been an easy fix to any fashionista's daily dilemma...what to wear.  Easily paired with long tops, boyfriend blazers and casual t-shirts it's been the hot item for a few years.

Now think skinny jean and legging and you've got...Jeggings. These have been popping up in stores for a couple of years now but it's only this season that it's really taken off and available in most retail stores.

This pant is so tight it shows all your curves.  Because it's made with more give than a regular skinny jean it's much more comfortable.  That doesn't give the license to wear the wrong size.  As we all may love a style it doesn't always flatter everyone.  It's just as important to get proper fit not only for the look but also for comfort.   

These pants look great for daytime or at night.  Wear a loose top, ruffled shirt or even a pain white tee and you're ready for the day.  As fashionable as this is, I would suggest steering clear of wearing them to the office unless you work in an environment where this trend is acceptable.  

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