Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elena Miro - Plus size fashion in Milan

Elana Miro, the plus sized fashion label out of Italy, was the only show featuring plus size fashions during Milan fashion week for Spring 2011.  The event opened to a crowd so packed it was standing room only.   After five years of opening Milan's fashion week one might think it discriminatory that her collection was not included in the official schedule for this year's shows.  Designer Elena Miroglio says that she believes every type of woman should be represented on the catwalk.  She is one of the few visionaries who are breaking the mold of 'skinny fashions only' in the industry.  The majority of women in the world are not size a four.  It's only fitting that designers realize that there is a huge demand to cater to the masses of women who love fashion.  They shouldn't be shut out just because they are more curvy.

Watch the show for Spring 2011 at the link below:

To check out her current collection available in stores now or online at
Fall/Winter 2010 Collection for Elena Miro

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