Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and Fashion

The Conscious Collection by H&M for Spring 2011

As the world celebrates Earth Day, the world of fashion can use this opportunity to recognize some of the industry's best when it comes to being green.  The world is a growing and ever-changing place.  As we learn more we understand why it's so important to take care of the environment through recycling, reusing and finding alternative ways of doing things.

Runway To Green is dedicated to teaching the fashion industry about being environmentally conscious.  Earlier this month Style & Culture did a write up about designers who partnered with Runway to Green.  The fashion business is constantly being challenged with how to reduce waste and alter the way things are done like the dying process, materials used and manufacturing conditions.

Alkemie jewelry is designed by Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub.  They both had worked in the jewelry industry for many years and found it increasingly difficult to work with companies that sourced metals where toxic work conditions were the norm.  Their love for the earth and desire to make a change is what led them to stop using materials mined in unsafe conditions that harmed the environment.  They now use materials that are from 100% reclaimed metals, leathers from sustainable cattle farmers and all dyes are Eco-friendly.

Alkemie Jewelry

John Patrick is a designer that's been in the business for over 30 years and is the winner of the Ecco Domani 2010 Sustainable Design Award.  He works with sustainable fabrics and has been quoted as saying that design is a political statement on environmental issues.
john patrick organic spring 2011 photo credit emma grady
John Patrick with models in his Spring 2011 collection
Photo: Emma Grady

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This season H&M has really pushed it up a notch with expanding on its use of environmentally friendly fabrics.    The Conscious Collection was launched on April 14, 2011 featuring clothing that uses sustainable materials.  Organic cotton, linen, recycled polyester and biodegradable cellulose made from wood pulp are the main fabrics used in this collection.

Take a look at this video to find out more about H&M's new venture.

Over the years the fashion industry continues to make changes and in turn help the environment.  There is still a long way to go but every little bit counts.

Eco Fashion Week

Eco Fashion world

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