Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall For White

Akris fall/winter 2011/2012

Contrary to the old popular belief that you can't wear white after Labour day, modern fashion says you can.  Designers continue to show white on the runways no matter what time of year.  They key is to choose fabrics that are appropriate based on the season.  Leave your lightweight and linen items for the summer months.  Choose white blazers and trousers made in light wool, heavier cotton/polyester blends and with more structure. 

Pairing white with neutral tones like gray, brown and beige are a great way to transition to fall.  Don't go overboard wearing white head to toe as you might in the summer.  The footwear you select is a key element in creating a seasonal look.  For example if you are wearing a white suit choose footwear in sienna, tan, chocolate, or a metallic like gold or silver.  Wear belts that contrast like brown, black or red.

When wearing white into the winter season it's best to choose a winter white not as bright.  Warmer shades of white have hints of ivory, almond and rose.  This soft variant of white is often closer to eggshell, or what some call off-white.

Are you ready to wear white after Labour day?

Yves Saint Laurent, Fall 2011 (photo:

Burberry, Fall 2011 (photo:

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2011/2012

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