Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dakar Fashion Week

Dakar fashion week just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.  The mission is to reach the level of fashion weeks around the world.  African fashion has long been known for its roots in tradition; traditional styles and fabrics.  African culture is all about creating something that makes a statement.

The African fashion industry isn't one that has been focused on the mass consumer.  Rather it's typically one where individuals go to seamstresses and tailors to be fitted and have custom designs made.  With the modernization of African countries there are several shops and malls popping up where people are selling product including fashion.  But, manufacturing is still not very big business.  Perhaps as the attention of the world continues to grow soon there will be opportunities to mass produce garments.

The above video is from Voice of America.  Take a look as we see designers talking about what's happening with fashion in West Africa.

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