Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Annual Strutt - Wearable Art Show

The Niagara Arts Centre entertained art lovers from across Ontario with it's Tenth Annual Wearable Art show on November 21st. The show was filled with the decadence of art and included pieces that were both absurd and amazing. The Niagara Arts Centre(NAC)is an artist run, charity that has serviced the artists of the Niagara region for 40 years. Since 1969 the organization has been there to represent art and artists by bringing it to the public through events and exhibitions. The Wearable Art show, titled Strutt, was certainly an exhibit on the runway unlike any other. The show opened with singer Juliet Dunn in a showstopping red dress. She had the sex appeal of Eartha Kitt mixed with the sophistication of Ella Fitzgerald. Despite dealing with technical sound issues, she was the consummate professional and kept singing even with no speakers for nearly two minutes. Garments ranged from the handyman inspired tool belt, to the dresses made from gift wrap tissue, empty french fry wrappers and even tennis balls. Everything from wacky to tacky was seen going down the runway in true artistic style. It was fashion inspired by the things in our everyday lives. Items we would throw away like brown paper bags were put to use making a layered tiered gown in this show. Models were acting out stories behind the themed pieces. They danced, embraced, sang and threw things into the crowd. All the garments were created with themes. They were being judged in various categories including: Chaotika - The most innovative and outrageous piece of wearable art. Reusika - The best manipulation of recycled materials and Electronika -Overall the show was a huge success raising money for the N.A.C.

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