Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eco-Friendly Jewelery to help save the Gulf

  Real Jewels has partnered with Waterkeeper Alliance in an effort to raise funds to save the Gulf Coast.  It's been over three months since oil has been seeping into the Gulf of Mexico.  Real Jewels is an eco-friendly jewelery company that has just created a new line called the Save Our Shores Collection.  The company will donate 100% of the profit to Save Our Gulf, by Waterkeeper Alliance.
  Real Jewels has been involved in protecting the environment by creating jewelery made from 100% recycled precious metals.  Their goal is to make unique products while maintaining a responsibility to the environment.  Each item has its signature fair trade, natural green peridot tag.  This lets you know it's an authentic item made in a responsible manner and distinguishes it from other products.  Wearing Real Jewels gives customers a sense of knowing they've made a responsible fashion purchase.  The key item in the Save Our Shores Collection is a symbol of the Gulf, the Pelican.  Designed to be worn on a necklace it will retail for $85.00 USD.
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