Friday, August 20, 2010

Colour Trends Fall/Winter 2010

Pantone Colour Trends

If you ever wonder why retailers and designers all have the same colours in stock this is it.  There are a group of forecasters who predict what colours will be the hot trend each season.  These predictions are made often more than a year in advance.
Designers use this as a guide when creating their collections.  For the upcoming season the colours above are the latest trends.  Shades of gray and chocolate are excellent neutrals to wear as a foundation for all other colours you choose to wear.  Remember to always be creative when you mix.  Matching isn't always important, especially when it comes to accessories.  Purses and shoes are usually a great accent to draw attention.  Wear that contrasting colour to offset everything else.  Have no fear and just embrace the freedom of exploring colour.

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