Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is FUR Eco-Conscious?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall in real fur
Fur has been a heated debate in the world of fashion for many years.  It's the fight for animal rights (PETA) versus those who have no affinity towards animals.  Historically, wearing fur was always about function and warmth.  The native peoples often killed animals both for the food and fur hides to keep warm. 

The Russian and North American fur trades were big businesses beginning in the 16th century going forward to the 19th century.  In recent history the increase in animal rights has brought huge controversy when it comes to wearing real fur.  Faux fur has been a popular fashion alternative to the real thing.

This winter the fur trend made a big comeback seen on fashion runways in Europe and America.  Designers including, Michael Kors and Derek Lam showed real fur while, Chanel used faux fur in it's winter 2010 collection.   Karl Lagerfeld called it real fake.

But can you believe that choosing fur has recently been referred to as Eco-Chic?  

What? Really? How can fur be called environmentally conscious?

Basically if the fur comes from an animal that is referred to as an invasive species that is already destroying the wetlands it's deemed to be ok. Currently one of the most used is the Nutria, which is about half the size of a Beaver.  Some governments, including the state of Louisiana, are paying to trap and kill these rodents.
Photo: Righteous Fur

Environmentally-conscious New Orleans designer Cree McCree said, "if they're being killed anyway, then why not make something beautiful out of them?"  Last month there was a "Righteous Fur" fashion show
where 20 designers showed their so-called 'green' designs using fur.  The event aims to raise awareness about saving the wetlands through utilizing the fur from animals killed to save the destruction of the wetlands.

What are your thoughts?


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