Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Culture: Beyonce Wears Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten - Spring/Summer 2011
Beyonce wearing Boxing Kitten while on vacation

Boxing Kitten is a fantastic clothing line that uses vintage silhouettes and African inspired prints with the modern inspiration of today's woman.  Celebrities like Beyonce, Fergie and Alicia keys are fans of this label and have been spotted wearing some items.

Created by Brooklyn designer, Maya Amina Lake, she loves to push the boundaries of fashion.  Never a conservative look, it brings together the diverse culture of Africa with the rich history of African-American culture.  The majority of fabric is the 100% cotton wax prints used in most contemporary African clothing.  She creates to accentuate the curves of a woman's body.  Her spring collection has a sense of vibrancy that captures the spirit of women.

Fergie in Jumper by Boxin Kitten

Beyonce in Boxing Kitten
Boxing Kitten Spring/Summer 2011

"Put It in a Love Song" by Alicia Keys featuring Beyonce.  This music video features clothing by Boxing Kitten.

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