Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Lines

Celebrities have access to the best when it comes to fashion and accessories. Designers are always quick to give the latest items to the famous so all the world can see on the red carpet. Some have even made a name for themselves as style icons because they always look so good. Over the last twenty years we have seen several actors, musicians and model vying to be the next big thing in fashion by launching their own labels. Everyone from Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs to Justin Timberlake have taken a foray into the design arena. One of the latest is Kanye West, who calls himself the 'Louis Vuitton Don' and is known for his unique fashion sense. His women's label was slammed by critics but he hasn't let that hurt him.  West plans to show another collection in Paris this spring.

Being a celebrity is no guarantee that you'll be a successful fashion designer.  You would think being famous is a ticket to instant success because of the name recognition.  But, some experts say it actually makes it more difficult.  The pressure is on to be as successful in design as they might be in music, film or television.

IBTimes TV recently did a story on celebrity fashion lines.  Take a look.

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