Friday, March 30, 2012

H&M Plans to Launch Luxury Brand

  H&M is one of the world's most successful 'fast-fashion' retailers.  With the ability to create garments in line with current trends, they have quickly grown and still have continued expansion around the world.  The last few years have seen successful partnerships with designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Marni, Versace, Madonna and  Lanvin.

  It's these collaborations that have elevated the brand as viable for quality higher end product.  Within the H&M store it's clear the different assortment of merchandise has various levels of lower to higher end.  In my opinion, the junior department tends to be less focused on craftsmanship and more on big trends in large quantities.  Whereas some of the merchandise targeted at an older client tends to have more focus on its construction and sometimes the fabrics used are a better grade.

  After rumors have been swirling around in Swedish  newspapers this week, it's been confirmed that H&M will be opening a new luxury retail chain in 2013.  Karl-Johan Persson, the CEO of H&M told the press, " We are making these long-term investments in order to build an even stronger H&M, so that we can give our customers an even broader offering going forward.  We have many different projects in progress and already next year we will be launching a completely new store chain."

  At the moment details are limited as to what exactly the new brand offerings will be.  Based on the success of the H&M brand and the popularity of it's Limited Edition collections, it certainly will be a highly anticipated launch.  

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