Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Hats

Some face shapes are lucky enough that you can wear anything.  Summer hats are a great way to keep the sun off your face while looking cool.   Hats also have a great way of creating a new character and bringing out another side of your personality.

The Fedora is one of the most popular for summer.  It's a classic style that is usually known as a men's hat but has become equally popular for women over the years.  It's a style trend that doesn't seem to ever go away year after year.  If you pick one up this season you can rest assured you'll still be on trend next year.    

  A fedora looks best on a narrow, longer face.  The style typically has a smaller brim and isn't too overpowering.

Banana Republic Fedora
available in stores and online.
  Visors are an alternative to the traditional hat when you're looking to shade yourself from the sun.  Not just for athletes, this style has several variations that could take you from the beach to just everyday wear.  
The bucket hat complements several different face shapes.  The way it's cut fits closer to the face.  If you have a bigger head or face this look might not have the best fit.
  Avoid hats that are too high when you have a longer face shape.  They will only make your face look longer.  The floppy hat is great for women with bolder faces because it helps to soften your look.  Extra large brims can be molded and shaped to frame your face.  It's cool to shift it to the side and get that sophisticated, classy look of what I like to call 'ladies who lunch'.  I personally love large floppy hats because they are amazing statement pieces.

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