Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gap's new Logo is Scrapped after Backlash

Old Logo              vs            New Logo

The Gap revealed a new logo last week with the hopes of taking the company image into a new direction.  Unfortuantley for them, it proved a bad mistake.  Since it's unveiling, they have received many negative comments and quickly have gone back to the original iconic logo.

Press Release:



Anonymous said...

the old logo was working just fine. who knows why they wanted to change it? reminds of when tropicana decided to change their packaging. they went from the big orange with the straw in it to a big glass of OJ. I believe after just one week, they had to scrap that too.

Ivy Prosper said...

Funny when companies don't realize how much they are linked to their logo. Why change something that's already working?