Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple Style Tips

Fashion is something that has always seemed to be natural for me.  The art of putting things together and making it look effortless is what I’ve been complemented on by many people.  Looking great doesn’t have to break the bank.  I can’t tell you how often my biggest complements come when I wear something I got at a deep discount.  I have everything from a $2 skirt to a .50 cent shirt; all looking like I spent a fortune.
I’d like to share some tips on how to get great bargains when you shop.
1. Buy at the end of season.
This makes sense because in fashion the items you see in the stores this year will very likely be in style again next year.  Right now every store has their winter merchandise on sale.  They are making room for new spring stock that has already arrived in stores.  Nobody wants to hang on to inventory they won’t be able to sell in a couple of months.  This is the time of year I have managed to find beautiful sweaters, evening dresses, amazing pants and even lingerie for major deals.  Some stores do semi-annual sales to clear out merchandise and after the holiday season is a guaranteed time to find the best deals.
2. Buy in multiples.
When you find something you really like and fits well, buy them in multiples.  I promise you wont’ regret it.  I recently found long pants that fit me perfectly that were all up to 70% off the regular prices.  I picked up three pairs all in different colours.  Sometimes stores even offer deals if you buy more than one of the same items.  Take advantage of that for the savings and you’ll be happy you invested in the items later. 3. Limit the trends. Trendy items are a great way to boost your wardrobe every season.  But at the same time they can also drain you pockets.  When shopping for trend items try to pick just a few and if you’re price conscious wait a couple of weeks after they arrive in the store.  New arrivals are always expensive.  But at some point the retailer needs to give incentive to buy so you’ll find sales typically 2-4 weeks after the styles are in stores.
3. Limit Trends
Each season a new trend emerges that will bring some new life to your wardrobe.  Be careful with how much you spend on trendy items.  These are sometimes pieces that can brighten up your outfit but could be gone quickly next year.  If you study fashion you’ll notice which trends are here today gone tomorrow and make wise choices on what to spend a lot of money on.  Trendy items are fun and you shouldn’t spend too much.  Finding these on sale or in fast fashion stores like H&M, Forever 21 or even Target will keep your costs down while staying on trend.
4. Wait for New Arrivals
When new items arrive in stores it can be tempting to want to be the first to buy.  If you’re patient you can save a few bucks.  Many stores offer sales on new items about two to three weeks after they arrive in store.  So if you’re willing to wait, you’re sure to save.
5. Shop Second Hand
There was a time when people associated second-hand shopping with being low-income.  But that is simply not the case.  Some of the most interesting items are in thrift stores.  The great thing is you can find a bargain on gently used items that you won’t find everyone else wearing.  These days some thrift stores even have new items on the racks.
 Those are my tips for shopping smart and saving some money at the same time.  Happy shopping.
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