Tuesday, November 19, 2013

STYLE | Stay Stylish and Warm

Dorothy Perkins fall.winter 2013
It's now late November and the weather is certainly continuing it's downward climb in the temperatures.  One of the unfortunate parts of winter is many people never get to see what you're wearing under your coat.  That's why for a woman of style, she knows how important it is to make her coat the statement.  The unfortunate part of being stylish is sometimes you end up sacrificing warmth to look good.  Many beautifully crafted styles look amazing but fail to ward off those cold temperatures.

Stylish military inspired coat.  Often great in style
but not as warm in sub-zero temps.

One of the best things to do is find a coat made of wool for the added warmth.  Down-filled coats are also a great choice for keeping warm over the winter months.  The only drawback of down-filled coats is the bulkiness they can sometimes have.  There is nothing worse than looking like the Michelin man for the sake of keeping warm.

Preta Lobue Long Storm Coat
Preta Lobue has a line of outerwear that is surprisingly warm and still maintains a sense of style.  Jackets have interesting collars and are often nipped at the waist defining your shape so you don't look like a big marshmallow.  The cool thing about her collection is she also has various coats available in temperature specific zones.  You know how it can be sometimes extreme cold and other days only slightly brisk.  The designer has styles in three zones for cold, colder and coldest days of winter.  They do cost more (up to $600), but you'll find their structured styles keep a sense of femininity while maintaining the warmth of a thick puffy alternative.  You can find those styles in stores like Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue (also available online).

Preta Lobue Ruffle Collar Coat

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