Friday, November 15, 2013

NEWS | Gucci Loses its rights to Logo in the UK

Who would have thought that non-use would be deemed a reason for revoking a brand's identity.  When it comes to fashion and brands, a logo is just as important in identifying the company as the clothing is.  Gucci's interlocking G was first registered for use in the UK for clothing, handbags, cosmetics and watches in 1984.  British law states that if a logo is unused within five years the trademark can be revoked.  That is exactly what has just happened to Gucci.  The UK Intellectual Property Office has deemed they can only use the logo for fragrances and soaps.  The company has attempted to prove they have used the logo through providing sales figures however, the IPO feels the evidence provided is not strong enough and to prove use of the logo in the UK.

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